Friday, April 04, 2014

Parenting The Newborn - Class One

Last night James and I went to our first of four pre-natal classes. Obviously, since we are having a csection, there is no need to attend the pre-natal birth classes, since so much of that is focused on making a birth plan, and Lamaze and all that useless to me information. 

However, I decided that it couldn't hurt to attend a series of classes on teaching new parents how not to kill their newborn. I figure some of this stuff I will already know (James said I was nodding my head and agreeing like a know it all lunatic last night, because I am SMRT), and some will be common sense, and some will be new to me. They can't hurt anyways! 

Last night's class was all about Comforting. It focused on what is known as the Fourth Trimester, and how there are theories that human babies are actually born three months premature. We should, in fact, have another three months in the womb because we are not ready to transition into the cold, cruel world. The instructor said she thought we should be born with pouches, like kangaroos, so we can carry our babies skin to skin at all times. I'm glad I don't have a pouch, but I CAN see how that would be handy for putting things phone, wallet, baby, etc. 

You can see where this is going then? Yes. Skin to skin contact is very crucial in the first three months. For dads too. It forms bonds. This class really focuses on carrying your baby as much as possible (which was my plan), for the first three months. She showed us how to use a ring sling (I've purchased a lovely Oscha sling) and a wrap (hoping to borrow one) and an Ergo (registered for one). The Ergo scares me the least. I trust buckles more than I trust my ability to sling, but practice makes perfect. I really hope someone buys it for us (HINT HINT). 

We also don't let baby cry it out in the fourth trimester, okay guys? Crying is usually a last resort for babies, because they are usually quite polite in asking for their needs, so long as we pay attention. They will often use small cues to signal they are hungry or uncomfortable before the screaming starts. 

exhibit a: 

We learned the five S's of comforting: swaddling, swinging, shushing, sucking, side position. This is from The Happiest Baby on The Block, by Dr. Karp. He seems like a weirdo, but his methods appear to work. This will prove to be useful information should we have a fussy or a colicky baby (oh god, please no). 

We learned a good swaddle technique last night, called the DUDU, which stands for down up, down up, referring to the method if folding, not baby shits, as you could infer from the unfortunate name. I already kind of knew the basics if swaddling, but this was a bit different for me, and entirely new to James. However, he was swaddling like a pro at the end. 

Exhibit b:

All in all, I think these classes will be useful in giving us a little but more confidence in our ability to parent this little guy. The next three modules will focus in breastfeeding, new family, and infant CPR, which is something I always said I would take should I become pregnant. 

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the breastfeeding class next week! BOOBIES! ( * ) ( * ) 


  1. You're gonna be an amazing mama!!! Cannot wait!!! :)

  2. Watching Happiest Baby on Block you'll think that the man is on crack BUT it works like a dream. The side position thing rocked our world and was to thank for many nights of getting to sleep. Also shushing loudly in kids ear seems ridiculous until the crying starts, then you'll shush your heart out and buy an iPhone app with white noise. Although Greg's mom was a bit taken back by the African rain storm she could hear in our bedroom every night...


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