Tuesday, April 29, 2014

33 Weeks Pregnant

I'm 33 weeks and feeling like Large Marge! We had a growth spurt in the last few weeks, and I don't think it's slowed down!

The mystery pain in my lower right side that appeared out of the blue last week subsided by the weekend, thankfully. It was likely round ligament pain to accommodate my growing uterus and boy. It felt like a runners cramp and it was sucky. I'm glad it's gone (for now). 

I'm sleeping rather sporadically, thanks to the ongoing constant peeling at night. If I am so bold as to have anything to drink at night, I might be up every hour or so. That's neat. 

I feel like my uterus is pushing into my diaphragm, most noticeable when I am sitting down. It's like wearing a too tight bra. That's neat too. 

I've got a predisposition to swell normally, so imagine my ankles and fingers now! Neato! More excuses to stay cool and keep my feet up, eh?

The neatest thing of all is that due to pregnancy rhinitis (congestion),  I have taken to not only snoring at night (allegedly), but I am now regularly waking myself up with snorts. SNORTS. What in the hell? Little Miss Piggy.

Don't mistake the above as complaints. This is all completely welcome. Because when I am tired and swollen, and feeling emotional (thanks, whoremones)....all of a sudden my baby moves inside me and it's incredible. I can't believe it's happening.

In less than four weeks, I'll be done work and preparing myself mentally for this insane life change. 

6 weeks today (41 days to be exact), I will be delivering this human. My human. Our human. Time has truly flown by and I'm not sure I'm ready and yet I couldn't possibly be more ready to meet him. 

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