Thursday, January 02, 2014

Sleepless in Victoria

So far the only thing that has really sucked about being pregnant is not being able to medicate this horrible cold I got for Christmas. Normally, I'm no hero and am totally on the Neo Citran-OTC Codeine Cough Syrup-Tylenol Cold and Flu tablets. And then at least I sleep (coma?). But for now, I'm sleepless in Victoria with only my neti-pot, chicken soup, and Kleenex as my only friends. 

So, that's been fun. 

But I guess I'm being given an early taste if what it's like to sleep in two hour intervals. It's not so bad, I suppose....when you don't have to go to work....or have anyone other than yourself to think about. I am dreading the thought of being this sick with a baby to care for. Moms are heros!

All this mom to be had to do today was check a few emails and nap on the couch. It's my firs day back at work after the holidays and it was less than productive, but working from home is good for sick days like this.its like my clients just KNEW to grant me some peace today and they mostly left me alone.

Sniffles out. 


1 comment:

  1. I haven't peeped your blog in a while, so you can only imagine my joy and excitement to catch up on so many posts! YAHOO! And public CONGRATULATIONS! Felix says: "I can't wait to meet my future little bro/sis and teach them all my sweet baby tricks!"


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