Saturday, December 28, 2013


In the last two days, I have spent time with 7 different toddlers. And immediately became TERRIFIED, because did you know that two year olds are all the spawn of Satan? What happens in between 1 and 2 that turns these adorable little chubsters into screaming, furniture throwing, little nightmares? 

My kid will be different, obviously <side eyyyyyes> 

Tantrum throwing toddlers are bad enough in their own, but put 7 of them in one room, and it's enough to question your life choices. 

But not really. 

Super excited for this crazy ride to begin! (and hoping for a non furniture throwing child). 

1 comment:

  1. Non-furniture throwing child - baaahhahahah - just you want until the moment your angel morphs into a temper-tantrum throwing, lying on the floor screaming little beast and all you want is a moment of peace. Turns out, yet again, that it's all about the patience.


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