Friday, December 27, 2013


So it's a relatively shocking thing to realize that even after months of not posting anything on this blog, people still read it. So hello, and thanks for doing that, all 7 of you.

I guess my last post wasn't exactly subtle, especially since I basically gave it away in the review I copy and pasted from Trip Advisor (which I later edited once I realized my slip up). I also suck at keeping secrets, and basically was holding myself back from shouting it from the rooftops. However, we have told pretty much everyone in our lives our good news in person or in some way, and now I feel like I can shout it out.

So, that's happening. Finally.

And we are so so excited. My significant other doesn't want me posting it on Facebook, so don't expect any of those cutesy "We're expecting!" pictures of the dog holding a sign saying "Big Sister 2014" (much to my disappointment), but I SUPPOSE I should respect the wishes of my husband and keep it off of Facebook for as long as possible. Which I assume won't be long because that's the world we live in, and I'm already showing a bump. And he didn't say anything about blogging or Instagram...or Twitter. So. Here I am, getting my fix. But if you feel the need to congratulate us on Facebook, please do so via private message for now (as most of you have done), so I can keep up the illusion of barrenness for as long as possible (aka until I can convince him that it's MY turn to be that annoying sonofabitch posting nonstop about morning sickness and heartburn).

So we're due on June 17th, 2014! I'm 3 and a half months along now, and it's fucking awesome to finally be on this side of the pregnancy train, and not just the person waving from the platform. This baby will be making his or her appearance around the 10th of June, as we are having a scheduled C-section, due to Crohn's. Totes fine with this, as I have known it would be my reality since I was 18, and gotta say, the words Episiotomy or tearing are probably the most terrifying words on the planet when it comes to your vagina.

Ps. this is not your cue to tell me how terrible c-sections are. I don't have a choice, so I am choosing to embrace it. If it was up to me and my body didn't have a mind of it's own, I'd have a midwife and maybe a water birth in the hospital but it's not gonna happen, so I don't want to hear your opinions (unless it's pro-section, kthanksbye). I know the risks and the benefits of both, and ultimately a healthy delivery is ALL that matters, no matter how you got there. So I'm not to posh to push, but I am not-so-secretly fine with not having to do it either. Apparently doing it "all natural" is a status thing now, and I say screw that. How horrible to not measure up to other women's standards of "how birth should be". 

One thing you learn early on in pregnancy is that people are FULL of opinions, based pretty much on their own limited experiences. That's pretty annoying. Everyone is different, everyone's bodies and babies are different, and ultimately we should be supportive, not judgemental. Hey, wouldn't that be neat!

Rant over.

So I have been feeling pretty good. I've been experiencing typical pregnancy things - tiredness, which was really bad around 6 - 9 weeks, and is certainly still a part of my life, but not nearly as debilitating. I barf up a bunch of bile pretty consistently every morning, due mostly in part of my having to take my pre-natal on an empty stomach, but that's honestly not a big deal. The best is when it happens in the shower, so when I ultimately pee at the same time, it's not an issue. Gag reflexes are on high alert, to be sure. I'm also super congested and have been since conceiving. My boobs stopped being as sore a few weeks ago, so now I can enjoy hugs again.

Oh, and the hunger. The constant hunger. I've been eating pretty healthy, other than the fact that my diet has definitely shifted to be a little carb heavier than normal. When we conceived I was grain free/sugar free, and I am definitely neither of those things now, but certainly keeping it balanced. Lots of smoothies, lean meats, healthy fats....and gluten free sourdough and goat cheese...mmmmmm.

As of my last check up, I had gained 6 lbs, which was right on track for the first trimester. In fact, I didn't gain any weight in November, thanks probably to getting my energy back and being active in Victoria, and all the damn stairs in Mexico.

So I'm not going to lie, I'm probably going to start blogging about baby things. I'll be here talking about lady juices and barf and the awesomeness of this experience. I'm extremely grateful to be here and to have something to write about again. Life is all about new experiences, and I'm thrilled to be on this ride!

In other news, I got a piano/synthesizer for Christmas so I'm re-teaching myself how to play the piano and James is using it to make electronic music. I want to have a musical household, so even though I can only play Edelweiss and Largo at a grade 2 level for now, I'm excited.



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  1. I love your blog so please never stop posting!!! Enjoy every minute! Can't wait to hear about your journey:)


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